The synthetic turf industry is constantly evolving while challenging manufacturers to provide increased durability, resilience and skin-friendliness.

At Don & Low we understand that choosing the right grass yarn has a significant impact on the final surface characteristics, as they can determine the overall performance, quality and life expectancy of the final application. By applying over two centuries of textile and manufacturing experience, we’ve created DLG®, a unique and pioneering range of synthetic grass yarns – which not only excels in terms of quality but also performance.

Through our carefully selected bespoke polymers and masterbatches, our innovative DLG® grass yarns are able to combine aesthetics with the functionality to deliver long-lasting performance and versatility. In addition to our core range of DLG® yarns, we can also produce fibres according to specific customer requirements, helping to meet the specifications for any application or project.

We’re not your average grass yarn manufacturer. We work with our customers to ensure the right yarn for their system and/or project, advising which fibre would work the best to meet their outlined requirements or objectives. Our technical team is always at hand to provide the support or reassurance you need, whether you’re a manufacturer, installer or end user

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